Tulum Weekend Guide [Podcast] with @Samanthas_Suitcase


Podcast Guest: 

Our guest for the Tulum Weekend Guide is Samantha from @samanthas_suitcase and creator of blog samanthassuitcase.com. After globetrotting around the world and living in Kagawa, Japan and Busan, Korea, she is now living in Nashville, Tennessee. For more tips on travelling to Tulum she has two excellent and thorough guides you should check out before going: Tulum Instagram Spots and Where To Find Them and Tulum In Two Days

“Chichen Itza was just amazing. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen in the whole world to be quite honest with you. It’s huge and just…incredible.”

Some Tips On Tulum:

  • Prices in Tulum are comparable to cities in the United States ($10 USD for a drink/ meal on the beach $20-$25)
  • To save money, she recommends staying and eating in the town of Tulum (instead of the beach strip)
  • Watch out if you’re going in the spring as the seaweed problem has been bad (but it sounds like Tulum is working on this)
  • Sam doesn’t recommend Tulum for families, but any other type of traveller would LOVE Tulum (adventure seekers, honeymoons, girls trips etc.)

Getting There:

  • The easiest and closest international airport is Cancun Airport (CUN) which is about an hour and a half from Tulum
  • On Sam’s first trip, she took a private taxi to Tulum (round-trip $160 USD) which picks you up at the airport and drops you off directly at the hotel while stopping off at any requested stops along the way
  • The second time she went to Tulum she rented a car for her three-day trip (which was around $30 USD total)… an affordable and safe option IF you abide by the rules and speed limits 😉
  • For the cheapest option (but not the most convenient) there’s something called the Ado Bus which can be taken directly from the Cancun airport (around $13 USD one-way)

Recommended Accommodations:

  • Sam explains that Tulum is divided into a bit of a ‘T’: with the road along the beach being at the top of the T, while the road going into town is the base
  • The hotels along the beach road are the most expensive, while the more affordable accommodation options are along the main road going into town
  • The first time she went to Tulum, Sam stayed at TATA TULUM right on the beach ($250-$700/night USD), while the second time she stayed at an AirBnB off the beach road
  • Sam recommends staying on the beach road (if you can afford it) as all the main restaurants/bars are here BUT if you’re staying in Tulum Town the taxis back and forth are very affordable

Food & Drinks:

Favorite Beach: Playa Paraiso/Paradise Beach

  • Playa Paraiso is the main beach in Tulum with a ton of beach clubs, restaurants and bars (just watch out for the seaweed in the Spring)
  • There’s also the ‘leaning palm tree’ which can be found here

Favorite Day Trip [Chichen Itza]:

  • Just a couple hours away from Tulum
  • Sam recommends hiring a taxi as this is the most cost efficient option for private transportation to Chichen Itza
  • Get there right when it opens (at 9am) as a TON of travellers, tour buses and vendors will get there within 30 minutes of opening

Must See Experience [Cenotes]:

  • Sam highly recommends checking out these ‘electric blue swimming holes’ that are scattered all around Tulum
  • Very cheap- just a couple dollars to get into
  • Her favorite cenote is Cenote Calavera (the one pictured below)

Be sure to listen to the Podcast and comment below if you have any questions on travelling to Tulum. Head over to her Instagram to follow all her amazing travels and subscribe to her blog for updates on travel advice!

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  1. Kathy Belt October 25, 2018 Subscriber

    Awesome podcast! Samantha is my niece and has had the travel bug her whole life. She is very genuine and generous with all of her travel tips. We are so proud of her! ❤️🐬💼✈️

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